Past Projects

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Leanfra - Executive Linkedin Profiles
These profiles were targeted at attracting high-level B2B interest in the tech sector and they gained the attention of many Fortune 500 executives, including Elon Musk of Tesla.
Drunk Animal Creative Studio - Native and Client Blogs
This rapidly expanding Hull marketing and design agency trusted me to write a range of blogs for them and their clients. They were rewarded with 100% more views of my articles, compared to those by other experts.
University of Hull - Website Content Redesign Project
I revamped the masses of content on the university's website to make it easily navigable and better at converting browsers into prospective students together with the user experience and marketing teams.
Ramshackle Chic - Tag Line and Messaging Cues
Quote: "I had a specific vision for my brand. Difficult to articulate. More of a feeling. Jamie immediately grasped where I was going, and helped me identify and prioritize my messaging cues. He delivered several concepts, which gave me the direction I needed."

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