Jamie Smith

Be Content with Your Content

Today, website content needs to jump off the page and through the screen to grab readers and potential customers. It can’t just be churned out as average, run-of-the mill text.

There was a time not so long ago when SEO experts could bring users to a site using any old mix of generic upbeat marketing terms and keywords. Now though, search engines are savvy to this low-level reader-grabbing. Placeholder text can be detected, black hat SEO techniques can be examined and website owners can find themselves blocked sooner than they can say “Google me”. Even if sites don’t get blocked, examples with poor, uninteresting content that isn’t regularly updated can find themselves in the doldrums at the bottom of the search engine lists with no hits.

Creating quality content is an art that is too often overlooked by even the best website producers who are frequently too worried about hard coding, sales-techniques and the business of business to worry about the actual bits that make up their site and attract buyers.

Good content has to be carefully planned, taking important issues like audience, theme, message and tone into consideration. Content is all too often seen as an afterthought but it is central to running a good site, particularly where marketing is concerned.

It’s not just something for big enterprises to worry about either, it can be the unique selling point that makes a small business. So take some time over it or be careful to choose a site designer or manager who will. It could make the difference. Of course, you could hire a professional content writer to do a great job too – #justsaying.


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